Out of Sheer Boredom

Summer has always been a “downtime” period in my life, both professionally and personally.  Everything moves at a slower pace, the heat virtually knocks me out.

Since I’m yet again sitting around on a Saturday night, I decided to try yet another blog … interestingly enough, this spurt of creativity pops into my head when there’s nothing but great old movies on TV, the air conditioning is set so that I am cool enough to concentrate, and I’ve read about as much stuff from other people as I can handle for the moment.

Maybe it’s because I’m pretty much set in my ways (have been married to the same man for 34 years), not as wealthy as I would like to be (the kind of wealth that would allow me to do nothing but knit), not as healthy as I used to be, that I’m now going to attempt to make this more of a diary-type of blog rather than a compendium of photographs.

All the exciting things that happened in my life that would be bloggable are filed away in photo albums or in picture frames.

I guess most people my age are now traveling and documenting their travels on line – I probably would have done that as well, because one of the things that I’m getting pretty good at is figuring things out on a computer.  As a matter of fact, it’s something that’s given me a great deal of pleasure lately, as well as a great deal of frustration.  Husband laughs and calls me a nerdette – I call myself a geek wannabe, whatever that might mean!

So, if I can put down my knitting long enough, I’m going to try to keep this one up on a fairly regular (read: daily maybe?) basis.

OK – enough outta me, until next time!